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Here and There

The saying, or idiom, “Here and There” is pretty simple, basic, and easy to understand. A little different than our “Be in Fine Fettle” slogan/idiom that prompts many questions, and is sometimes confusing.

“Here and There” simply means in various places. You’ve probably heard that saying, or said it yourself many times. But to me, when Mack Saunders (our men’s designer) created the “Here and There” crewneck, he was going way deeper than that.

Aleks at Lake Louise
Me in my “Here and There” crewneck at Lake Louise, Alberta.

My first thought when I heard and saw “Here and There” was: “sick, this is a really cool phrase that is so applicable to HW (Hydrated World) — we are working very hard here (Waterloo – Canada – North America) to spread awareness about social enterprises, the water crisis around the world, and environmentally friendly, socially conscious endeavours. Also, we work with and for The Safe Water Project, helping people in developing countries (there) gain access to safe drinking water, grow the economy, and teach people business skills to live healthier while breaking the cycle of poverty.

So the “Here and There” crewneck packs quite a deep meaning… but it really can be applicable to everyone.

I started thinking about this idea while Spencer and I were lucky enough to be roaming around Banff Provincial Park in Alberta, on an off weekend during a work trip (our engineering job). The first time in a long time I was lucky enough to be roaming around the outdoors, with no cell phone, nowhere to rush to, no work to do, no plans to fulfill — just me and mother nature, oh, and Spenny of course. It was quite a comforting, relaxing, and thought provoking time.

I was wearing my new “Here and There” crewneck, which is my favourite piece of clothing that I own right now. I just loved how comfortable it was, how it went with my short short swim trunks and my running shoes (Gill will kill me for that). Anyways, I was thinking about what HW is all about, and what we are trying to accomplish, and how we want to connect our customers to our brand — we do that through the clothes we sell. So I was wondering, what could “Here and There” mean to someone else?

Before I answered that, I took a step back — I think what we’re doing with HW is amazing — starting a social enterprise and helping people all over the world. But we are by no means preaching that everyone stop their daily lives and try to make a crazy huge impact on the world. We’re here to tell our authentic story, inspire people, and make captivating connections with our customers.

So, what could “Here and There” mean to someone else? Well, the only way I could come close, is to figure out what it could mean to me as a regular person, outside of my role with Hydrated World. Here and There. My first thought that immediately hits me is geographical location. Kinda like the definition I outlined at the start. But not just a spot on a map. Not just the name of a place. It’s the people there. It’s the memories you made. It’s the emotions you felt. It’s the scenery. It’s the history.

Sign - Tallinn, Estonia
A memorable sign for me — Tallinn, Estonia.

So, when I claim I’ve been “Here and There”, what comes to mind?

Waterloo — my second home really. It’s where I learnt the most about myself. Varsity volleyball. Mechanical engineering. Energy drinks during exam time. Entrepreneurship. Best friends. Challenges. Failures. Glory. Success. Love.

Jõekääru — where all of my childhood memories are from. Exploring the forests as a kid. Mountain biking. Singing and dancing to Paradise by the Dashboard Light with my family and friends by the fire. Poldma brother birthday parties. Family dinners. Slow dancing to Stairway to Heaven,knowing it was our last dance of that summer. The most incredible sense of community.

Toronto — coming home. Hanging out with my brothers. Piling 8 hungover guys in one room while my mom makes us all breakfast. My mom claiming she enjoys washing my huge Rubbermaid box full of laundry. High school friends. Esto fraternity events. And my incredible family events — great food, lots of laughs, lots of love.

Estonia — the home of my family. All four grandparents forced to flee their home. Culture. Connection. History. Pride.

Europe — my graduation present to myself — biking through many historic countries. Best friends. Challenges. Disagreements. Adventure. An insane amount of memories.

I’ve been to many other incredible, beautiful places. I’ve been to Banff. I’ve been around the States. I’ve cruised the ocean. I’ve taken trains, planes, buses, and boats. This world is so big, so incredible, so beautiful. But what really matters, is who you choose to explore it with. Where’s your “Here and There”?

-Aleks Poldma, Co-Founder & CEO, Hydrated World Apparel

Mark Kryshtalskyj

Mark Kryshtalskyj

Frontman & CEO @ Rockstar Café. Marketing @ League. Next 36 & UWaterloo alum. Cottager. Coach. Springsteen enthusiast. Passionate about helping build the next generation of Canadian entrepreneurs.

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